Our Story

Our story began with one of the owners who had a great love for cheese. Wherever in the world he may be, on arrival he always wonder where can one get a good cheese sandwich. Cheese can be bought anywhere in the world, but not the cheese he was accustomed to and knew as a young boy grownup in The Netherlands, not the cheese he loved so much, not the cheese that is known around the world as the best domestic cheese, Gouda Cheese! Together with his best friend the exploring begins. The two friends found a cheese farm in the Netherlands and have now succeeded bringing the best flavors of Gouda to you.


Each cheese comes with incredible menu suggestions to inspire you.

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About the Farm

The farm is in the Netherlands. The family produces dairy products and cheese from the daily fresh milk of the cows. They have a genuine passion for farming that has existed for generations. 

Our cows are treated as queens. They are allowed to roam freely. They have massage brushes and waterbeds to protect the hoofs and even robots that cleans the barn floor. They decide when they’re ready to be milked and walk through an automated machine, which happens twice a day.


Curious to know how our cheese is made?
The Cows will be milked daily, and the milk is used immediately after to make the cheese. Rennet and starter culture will be added to this milk. Rennet ensures the milk, casein and milk fats coagulate. This makes the milk thicker. Starter culture gives the cheese the good taste and extends its shelf life.

The thickened milk will be cut into pieces to produce small white granules. This is called curd. The curd floats in liquid what is called whey. The whey is separated from the curd. The curd is then used to make cheese.

The still granular curd is placed inside a round vat and then firmly pressed. That is how the cheese gets its beautiful round shape.

After pressing, the cheeses are removed from the vats and placed on a large rack. The rack is submerged in a large tub of salted water. The salt is absorbed into the cheese and promotes the rind formation, firmness, taste and shelf life of the cheese. The longer the cheese ripens, the fuller the flavor. For example: young cheese ripens in 4 weeks, mature cheese takes 10 to 12 months to ripen. Different types of cheese are professionally produced according to a traditional family recipe.


Interested to see this process with your own eyes? Leave your email address. We organize a yearly event where you can win a visit to the farm in The Netherlands and enjoy a cheese making workshop.