Our Story


This is how the journey started


Their first sensational experience with Gouda Cheese.

2Dutcheese starts from humble beginnings, in the small farmlands of the Netherlands. Our cheese is all natural and the milk we use are from our cows and goats we are given the utmost care & love. So much so, that you can taste it in every bite of our delicious 2Dutcheese Gouda Cheese. 

hese are the cows that produce milk for Gouda Cheese.


Cheese is a part of the Dutch culture.

2Dutcheese begins its savory journey in the Netherlands. The authenticity & flavor of our Gouda Cheese is unmatched by anyone, it is our heritage after all. The naturally cool temperatures help age our cheese to perfection. Developing robust & complex flavors, our Gouda Cheese will have your mouth watering before the first bite.


Only the best quality Gouda Cheese is good enough.

A colorful collection of different flavors of Gouda Cheese!

After 2Dutcheese Gouda Cheese has reached its peak ripeness, we vacuum seal it for perfect freshness to deliver abroad. It is our dream to spread the flavors & tradition of Gouda Cheese to all. That is why we packed up our bags and set out for the Big Apple!


We were featured in the New York Times.

Shortly after opening our first store, in Long Island and a second in Manhattan, NY, 2Dutcheese Gouda Cheese was featured in the New York Times for its cultures & flavors! We could not believe the reception we received; cheese fanatics were falling in love at first sight. Just the two of us, with our 8 employees serving the New York Community, it was incredible.


We have shifted our focus to the online store because of Covid-19.

However, due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we had to close shop in New York City. To say the least, we were petrified of losing all we had just established. Starting a new business anywhere is scary, especially under a pandemic. That did not stop us though, we knew our community was in desperate need of our delicious Gouda Cheese.

This is where 2Dutcheese makes its last stop, delivered fresh to your doorstep. Thanks to our newly developed online shop, we can deliver all our fantastic flavors of Gouda Cheese straight to your doorstep. Using vacuum sealing, we guarantee our Gouda Cheese fresh just like the day it left the aging rack.


Visit our web shop for the best Gouda Cheese in the US.

So, what are you waiting for? Our delicious Gouda Cheese is waiting to make its savory debut at your next meal. Our Gouda Cheese is perfect to share with friends & family.


The owners of 2Dutcheese