RED (chili)

Thanks to the red chili peppers, all your dishes will get a delicious spicy bite.

Our young cheese with an extra zest, enriched with chili peppers, our sambal cheese is the best choice for you. Our sambal cheese is aged in the traditional way, made from the best raw milk.

The sharp taste is what makes this specialty herb cheese so special. The rind washed in caramel gives the cheese a hint of sweetness, which, in combination with the chili, creates a taste sensation.

The values of this naturally pure product, may vary because of natural ripening and seasonal influences.

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  • Pasteurized COW'S MILK, salt, 0.9% cayenne powder, 0.9% cayenne chips, starter, animal rennet, coloring: annatto.
  • Keep refrigerated 2-10°C. After opening/cutting: perishable.
  • Milk, Lactose: <0,1g/100g

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