Comes From Holland!

Comes From Holland!

The World Most Famous Cheese.

Gouda Cheese was originated in The Netherlands centuries ago; Gouda is the name of the city in The Netherlands where the cheeses were traded. This is how the name ‘Gouda Cheese’ came to exist!

Because so many cheeses are called ‘Gouda Cheese’, Dutch cheesemakers asked for legal protection of the name Gouda. Since October 2010 cheeses labeled ‘Gouda Holland’, ‘the name Holland has to be included’ have official geographical protection. This means you can be sure the cheese was made in Holland from the milk of Dutch cows. Also, these cheeses were produced in a traditional manner and aged in the Netherlands. The Dutch Gouda Cheeses are known around the world as the best domestic cheese.

2Dutcheese was rated in ‘The New York Times’ as ‘Straightforward & Authentic’ and comes from The Netherlands!

Where the grasses are green and the Tulips flourishes…


The Authentic Dutch Gouda Cheese.

The Dutch Cheese is quite a popular cheese a common product used in recipes around the world. There are many cheeses available, like fresh cheese for example cottage cheese, soft cheeses, like brie, blue cheese like Roquefort and semihard cheese. But the more popular cheeses are the soft cheeses and blue cheese, but first and foremost, the most popular in the world is the hard cheese and semihard cheese from Gouda. 2Dutcheese is known to have the Best Gouda Cheese. We are well aware that we need to use less salt in our daily consumption, so we have included this in our cheese making process and use less salt in making our cheeses. Our cheeses are also produced in an environmentally friendly way. Our cheeses really taste excellent and have been awarded many times. We produce many different flavors that are now widely available throughout the United States.


On the Farm.

The Netherlands is situated below sea level and therefore has the perfect climate, it also consists of the perfect soil contents and salt in the air. The Gouda Cheeses get their rich and delicious taste from the grass that the cows eat. Our Cow’s and Goat’s graze on this nutritious grass. They are allowed to stroll freely outside whenever they like, or just relax in the barns, the cows even have waterbeds to on-wine, it also protects their hooves from gating damaged, and massage brushes for that hard-to-reach spot.

Our cows & goats are well taken care of and we utterly believe everything you pay attention to will flourishes beyond. The milk of these ‘spoiled’ Cow’s and Goat’s is used to make our cheeses.

We must mention, all our cows and goats are treated as Queens! 

Cows Roaming Freely


Cow’s Milk Cheeses.

Most are made of Cow’s milk, the most popular cheese is Young, a semihard cheese, a perfect taste and ideal for sandwiches and you can use it for almost every dish. Our Aged Cheese, a hard cheese, is also very well known.

We have many more flavors besides the flavors on our website, every few months we will introduce another for you to choose from, to satisfy all desires. Chili is for people who likes it ‘hot’. Our coconut flavor, extremely creamy and a definite must try. A few of our cheeses has honey added which gives it an extra mild sweet taste. Are you a sweet tooth? Try this!

Cheese in combination with a glass of wine or a glass of beer gives you the perfect taste. Make sure you have somebody to share with, it just tastes better when served with Family & Friends!

Goats Enjoying a Sunny Day


Goat’s Milk Cheeses.

We also have a few Goat Cheeses made with Goat’s milk. Extremely tasty and full of nutrition. Our Gouda Honey Goat Cheese is so creamy, the result is a truly melt-in-your-mouth experience, with a slightly sweet note. The Honey Goat Cheese is washed in honey and honey is also added to the curd during preparation.



The Gouda Goat Cheese is made from 100% goat milk, suitable for people with a cow milk allergy. Easily digestible and surprisingly soft in taste. Healthy and delicious! The fat molecules in goat's milk are shorter than in cow's milk and this may account for its easier digestibility for some.

Cheeses made from both Cow's milk and Goat's milk will have a reduction in the amount of lactose due to the fermentation process. However, for some reason, some people do seem to tolerate Goat Cheese better than Cow's milk cheese.

Some people have a less severe reaction to lactose and find that they can eat fermented milk products without having any symptoms. These fermented milk products include Yogurt and Aged cheeses.


Our Flavors

Our cheese comes in 13 different flavors. All cheeses have names of colors which makes it easy to remember your favorites, for instance; Yellow is Young, Red is Chili, Black is Aged, etc. Just remember your favorite color and order. Coconut, Coffee & Guacamole are our newest addition.


Here are our flavors:

  • Yellow                 - Young
  • Black                   - Aged
  • Blue                    - Goat Mild
  • Red                     - Chili
  • White                  - Truffle
  • Brown                 - Whiskey & Maple Syrup
  • Orange               - Mushroom & Chestnuts
  • Purple                 - Honey Cow
  • Green                 - Tomato & Olive
  • Pink                    - Honey Goat
  • Coconut              - Cheese
  • Guacamole         - Cheese
  • Coffee                 - Cheese
  • Baskets              - Cheese
  • Combo's             - Cheese

                      Different Flavors                              Baskets           Combo’s


Gift Baskets & Combo’s

We also have Combo’s, which gives you more choices to combine your favorite cheeses, the more you order the more discount you receive.

Besides that, we also have gift baskets, you may want to surprise your parents, sisters or maybe your best friend with a small token of appreciation. We carry different sizes, small, medium, and large, you may also create your own Gift Basket.

All our cheeses are vacuum sealed, and we include icepacks in all online orders to keep the cheese at a cool temperature during transportation.

When the cheeses arrive, they should be placed in the refrigerator for at least an hour to restore their structure. Do not worry about not eating it on time, trust me, you will…

If mold develops on surface, do not despair, just trim off and keep enjoying!

Check out our Accessories, Jams and Crackers to create the perfect cheeseboard.

Our shops are closed at the moment due to Covid-19, but we will keep you posted as soon as we reopen.

Our cheese tasteries are around the corner, love to meet you in person. For now, please order online, stay tuned and stay safe!


What Does People Say About 2Dutcheese?

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All ‘Reviews’ are authenticated and can also be found on our website.



The mushroom and chestnut was a different flavor. I really liked it. You can definitely taste the ingredients.


Best Coconut Cheese

My husband and I are already had bought the coconut cheese, crackers and blueberry fruit spread at the Turnstyle Underground, in NYC and it is so delicious! The quality is fantastic! The owners are personable, and the staff are welcoming! We already ordered 3 more blocks of cheese, crackers, and fruit spread!


There is nothing better! Brings me back to sitting along a canal in Amsterdam! Love it!

Tastes Great!

I came across 2Dutcheese during my last trip to NYC last month. Having lived in Amsterdam before, Dutch Cheese is something that I crave from time to time. I gave this a try and ordered my cheese online from Portland (Oregon). I was happy to receive it in perfect shape, and most importantly, it tasted great, just as I remember it. Excellent! Thanks.


Pink (honey goat)

The pink (honey goat) cheese is quite creamy, with very light hints of the honey. It’s a wonderful and tasty snack. 2dutchcheese is a great company, they really care about their customers!



I absolutely love this truffle cheese, one of the best I’ve had. Must get!

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